Who am I?

My name is Carolina and I’m an eclectic book-worm.

How did I start to read?

I wasn’t one of those children that have to be forced to sit down and read before they realize that they actually like reading. Nope, that wasn’t me.

I come from a bookish family, so long before I was able to put together letters and form words, I already regarded reading as a fun thing: as I watched my parents reading I could see that they’re enjoying it (otherwise how could they sit for a couple of hours and do nothing but read? My young self asked). So, until I was able to read , in my head, I tried to imagine how it would be, and I eagerly anticipated the day, when I could be able to read by myself.

Finally, one day in the rainy January (actually I don’t know if it was raining, but in here, January is most of the times a very rainy month,so there’s a great chance that it was) of my first grade, I got to experience what I’d been looking forward for so many years. I still have the book that I first read ( very slowly, trying to join the letters to form words) : it’s an illustrated volume of fairy-tales that my grandmother had gave me when I entered first grade. From that moment on, I couldn’t stop. In school I was quickly labeled a geek, but that didn’t matter, I loved books!, and I felt sorry for the kids that teased me, because they couldn’t escape for a different world.

Nowadays besides reading for escapism (reads pleasure) I also read to learn and be more educated.

Why am I and eclectic reader (adj. choosing from different sources)?

Since I was little I always saw books as a way to escape the real and boring world and enter a new one, much more fascinating (see question above). It’s for that reason that I read books from so many genres, because they allow me to enter different worlds.

What are my other hobbies (besides reading and now blogging)?

Besides reading and blogging I’m interested in movies, music, and photography.

Where can you find me?

Besides here, I have a Twitter account (see above the header), a Goodreads account, a Twitter account, a Shelfari account and a Library Thing account.


ECLECTIC  READINGS is a book blog,  that reviews books from different genres (that’s where the eclectic comes from), so in one day I can be reviewing a classic and in the other a YA book, you never know.

Besides reviewing I plan on doing discussion posts and to talk about other bookish subjects.


My reviews will depend on the type of book I’m reviewing, but all of them will be honest and with more that 150 words (unless they’re quick reviews).

I’ll also post some information related to the book (publisher, release date, title, author, summary,..), favorite quotes, three things I most liked and disliked, and if they’re available, some extras (widgets, book trailers, book club questions,…).

Due to time constraints my review will now only my contain my thoughts, the title , author, picture with the book cover, and a link to Amazon or other site where you can buy the book.


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