This is it, I’ve reached the end of September have only reading books written by women writers. In case you don’t remember why I did this you can revisit my introductory post here.

Throughout September I read great works written by women that I think that everyone should read. This stories had everything: strong female characters, a well structured plot, battles, wars, conquests, romance, time-travelling, sex, mystery, passion,…

I underestimated the amount of things that I had to do this past month, and the complexity of the works I had chosen so I couldn’t read all the things that I listed on the first post, but I’m determined to read them all until the end of the year.

Right know I’m finishing “Every Secret Thing” by Emma Cole, a mystery that spans through time and place, I’ll post more on that later, when I finished it.

This October I decided to take part on the Classic’s Circuit Gothic Tour and so the next book that I’ll read will be Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, and then I’ll read Coraline and the Secret Door by Neil Gaiman.

I hope you all have a nice month.