I’m a new blogger, so I didn’t get to explore most of the community, but for what I saw , the book blogger community is a very friendly one, and there are book blogs for all tastes.

Today, we are supposed to highlight some  other book bloggers that make book blogging a great experience and thank them, so here is my list, along with a short explanation:

Eva @Stripped Armchair – Eva helped me in the beginning of my blog with great suggestions, and she was very kind and patient. Also she is a great book blogger and I in a few years I expect to run a blog that has such a great content, and that’s such pleasant to read as Stripped Armchair.

Nymeth @things mean a lot –  She was the first (and only  portuguese book blogger that I found, and I really liked that because practically all the book bloggers are American or British, so for me it was great to see that there is someone from my  country rules a pretty successful book blog. Also I love her blog because her reviews are really insightful

Iris @Iris on Books , Amy @Amy Reads and Simon @Savidge Reads – These very successful bloggers that  post almost daily very interesting and well written posts that I love to read.

I also I would love to thank all the book blogger community. You are great guys and I’m sorry for my lousy ability to write thank you posts, because since I started blogging, I fell much more happier, because finally I can talk about books as much as I want to and there is always someone to listen.