Since I read this post at Novel Insights I’ve been thinking about the fact that men (not all of them I know) usually don’t read books written by women. I thought about writing about this subject, but after reading so many posts about it ( here is one by Simon, and here is a series of posts done by B.) I understood that this subject had already been discussed, and I felt like there was nothing else I could add. Also after speaking with some men about their reading tastes and the reason they don’t read books by women I realized that they couldn’t be more wrong about women authors. Most of them thought that women authors only wrote books that fitted the romance genre, you know, those books with a beautiful heroine that ends up marrying a hot guy, and so as this kind of books, that they think that are the only thing women can write, didn’t appeal to them (one of the guys I talked with used the word trash to refer to this type of literature, yes I know…) they didn’t read books written by women.  This answers left me pretty mad, first because of the tone they used when referring to books by women, they seemed to be mocking those books; secondly because they showed a complete ignorance about literature by women but that didn’t stop them of saying how bad those books where, and thirdly because even after I tried to correct their views, they still refused to read books by women.

So, with all of this in my mind I decided to do something to promote literature written by women and to show that not all books end up with a marriage and if they do, there’s a lot more to add about it. I though about what I should do for a long time, and then yesterday it stoke me: “Why don’t I read only books written by women during a month?”. And so I decided that in  September I’ll only read works written by women.

To make this more fun, I decided that besides novels I’ll read some poetry and short stories, maybe a work of non-fiction, and that the authors I’ll read will be from different nationalities (as I said in this post I want to read more POC authors).

So here is the incomplete list of books I plan to read, as I may take or add more books through the month:


Beloved by Toni Morrison

My daughter Paula, by Isabel Allende

The Sweetest Dream by Doris Lessing

Short Stories

Wang-Fô by Marguerite Yourcenar

The Kitchen by Lily Yulianti Farid

The Woman Who Stole the Rain by Teolinda Gersão

Solid Objects by Virginia Woolf

The Well by Badriyah Al-Bishr

Welcome to the Club by Nadine Bismuth


I plan to read some poems by these poets:

Elizabeth Bishop

Emily Dickinson

Maya Angelou

So this is my list. I plan read all the works listed above in September, and maybe others.

This is a personal challenge but if you want to feel free to join.

So, what do you think?