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There are some days where I just can’t be happy with whatever book I decide to read. I now that my house is full of books that if I was in a different mood I would love to read and jump right into them, but when I’m on a reading slump, I can never do it. Nothing holds my attention.

Usually reading slumps happen to me when I finish a great book and then I don’t know what to read next because in my *temporary* mad state of mind there isn’t  any book in the world that  compares to the one I just finished, so I can’t read anything until I find a book that has potential, which sometimes takes days.

When I overcome my reading slump and finally sit down and read I understand how silly I was but that never stops me from being in another reading slump a few weeks later.

I don’t know how it is with you but sometimes I can have a reading slump almost every week other times they can appear six months apart.

But for me the worst part of a reading slump is that, like a octapus, the reading slump, and the awful feelings that come with her start to migrate to other parts of my life and I start to get kind of depressed, wich is really, well, depressing.  I know, it’s kind of stupid how I let myself get affected by a reading slump, but seriously, it’s not my fault.

So, a few days ago, I was in a major reading slump,one of the longest I’ve had. I was getting almost neurotic, and out of nowhere I decided to go and exercise. I don’t know where that came from, because I’m not the exercising type; I just thought of it, and decided to do it.  After twenty minutes of exercising, I felt really happy again and decided to pick a book and see if the reading slump had ended. I was still a little afraid that the reading slump wasn’t over so I decided to pick a light and easy to read romance. A few pages in and it was official: the slump was OVER.

This was the first time I overcame a slump by exercising, because I usually just re-read a book that I loved like Harry Potter, David Cooperfield, Little Woman,…

So, do you have reading slumps? Are they short or long? Do they spread to other parts of your life? What do you do to overcome them?