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I know I started this blog only a few days ago, but I think that’s important to have a few goals, so after visiting a few other blogs I got some ideas about what I want my reading goals to be.

One of the reasons I started this blog is to open myself to other type of books. In case you didn’t guess already I have a pretty eclectic taste but I never read non-fiction books, and my POC authors ratio is ,shamely, very low, I read very few poets as well and I think I only read one LGTB book in my life; though I’m Portuguese I read very few authors of my nationality, my TBR pile is getting bigger, I mostly read books set or in UK or in USA . And even worst the few books I read about Africa are written by white authors.

So after becoming aware of my reading faults I created this small list of goals that I intended to reach in my first year of blogging:

  • For every  four white authors read one POC
  • Read a book by an author from every country I’ve visited
  • Read at least a poetry book every three months
  • Read a non-fiction book every two months
  • Read more books about Africa written by african authors
  • Read 8 LGTB books until the end of the year
  • Read more portuguese literature ( 10 books until the end of the year)
  • Stop buying so many books
  • Read some books by Japanese authors
  • Read books that are not set in UK and USA

So, what do you think? Have you got any suggestions about the books I should read that fit in these categories?